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Better Together

I lovvvve working with other artists on collaborations, styled shoots, & editorials!  I typically contribute as the Stylist, as well as with products: stationery & silk ribbon/table runner/styling details.  If you think we could compliment each other’s work, please get in touch!

Photo: Nasher Styled Shoot with Sami Kathryn Photography, where I was the Stylist & Silk Vendor.  See post for details and contributors to this super gorgeous shoot!

One of my favorite things about the work I am involved in is finding artists and vendors that I can vibe with stylistically and trust to follow through with a quality product.  Although I have worked with a great many people in the wedding and event industry, here are the ones who are on the top of my list.

  • Sami Kathryn Photography- This girl.  Oh man.  All of my newly updated product photos (with the grey background) have been styled and photographed by this amazing Dallas artist.  I love her creativity, attention to detail and gorgeous style!
  • Fig & Flourish Calligraphy by Andrea Stimson- This girl has it all, style, class and an incredible eye.  She and I have enjoyed collaborating on several projects, and you can see her work throughout my site.  She is a joy to work with and her modern style adds a beautiful flourish to any event!
  • Clint Brewer Photo– If you see a quality photo of my wedding and event work on this site, it was probably taken by Clint (and if you see a not-so-quality photo, it was probably taken by me!), who is highly talented in both the technical and creative… a fierce combination when it comes to shooting award winning photos.  He & his wife Kelly work tirelessly to produce top notch photography that has served to build a thriving and sought-after business.  They exceed in travel, business & event photography.
  • Chalkboards by Sara Rains of Raindrops & Lollipops– Incredibly talented with a knack for mastering various handwriting styles, Sara is the only person I go to for designing gorgeous chalkboards for events.  Her work is showcased throughout my site as well, and I truly believe that details like hers make an event.  She is widely talented and I love to work with her in various creative endeavors.
  • Abby Shiell & Madeline Shiell Cheo – Some of my dearest friends happen to be amazing artists, and I love using their work in my invitations!  These girls are seriously full of joy and oh-so-gifted at what they do.