No. 18 – Terra Cotta Luxe Bouquet

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Terra Cotta hues

Bouquet Collections are hand picked sets of silk ribbon, curated to make your bouquet ribbon selection quick and simple.

Featuring complimentary hues and varying textures, the Luxe No. 18 Terra Cotta Bridal Bouquet Collection includes three yards each of 1″ wide charmeuse sueded silk ribbon, 2″ wide pressed crinkle silk ribbon & 3.5″ wide chiffon gauze silk ribbon in deep blush hues.  Our crinkle silk is light and airy, and is accented beautifully by a thicker width of the slightly translucent flowing gauze silk. The hi-light of the bunch is a luxurious sueded silk ribbon, made from our weightiest and finest line of silk, with one shiny and one sueded matte side.

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Hand-dying is a lengthy creative process which brings about beautifully complex results.  The ribbons in this collection are 100% plant dyed, naturally yielding gorgeous colors.  There may be unique touches of pigment in the form of marbling, flecks of alternate colors, and differences in tone that will yield slight variations from one ribbon to the next.  Ribbons are ripped by hand to achieve subtle feathery edges.  Each ribbon is one-of-a-kind.

This Collection features 3 yards each of:

  • Charmeuse Sueded Silk Ribbon, 1″ wide
  • Crinkle Silk Ribbon, 2″ wide
  • Chiffon Gauze Silk Ribbon, 3.5″ wide (Note: This ribbon is 2″ short of 3 yards, which is reflected in the sale price.)

You are purchasing a hand made product.  While each lot of color is dyed in the same manner, with the same materials, it is possible that slight variations, specks of color & unique characteristics will make each ribbon special.

Spooled as pictured.  Due to the hand-ripped nature of these ribbons, measurements are close, but approximate.



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