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Ordering & Payment

Once you have received your adjusted pricing menu based upon our initial consultation, these steps will guide you through the ordering process!

  • M A K E   Y O U R   S E L E C T I O N S   Once you have had a chance to look over your pricing menu, print it out or download it into the photos on your phone.  Please take a moment to check the boxes to the right of the items you wish for me to put on your order.  You are welcome to do this by marking it up on your phone & texting it to me, printing it out and scanning a marked copy, or you may also simply make a list and send that over via text or email. 
  • I N V O I C E   &   D E P O S I T   Once you decide to proceed, a non-refundable 50% deposit will be due before work may commence.  I will send you two emails to aid in making your deposit:
    • An itemized invoice for you to review.  Feel welcome to request any final changes and I will rework it for you.
    • You will receive a total deposit invoice via email with online direct deposit instructions through Quickbooks.  If you wish to pay by credit card, please note that a 3.5% transaction fee will be added to all credit card orders.  If you would like to select this payment option, please let me know and I will add it to your invoice.  

*Tax will be added to each invoice.  Shipping fees will be added to your final invoice.

Upon receipt of your deposit, you are booked for the design and execution of your order!  

Please note that I do not design anything before a deposit is received.  

  • S E N D   O V E R   Y O U R   W O R D I N G    Please email your exact desired wording for all pieces to me at hello@beccamercer.com. Make sure to proof this 1-3 times before sending! 
  • A D D R E S S I N G   If you have elected for me to address your envelopes, please prepare your guest list in a Numbers or Excel spreadsheet, with the following information in each column (from left to right).  

Please note that if the spreadsheet does not arrive as instructed, it will be resent back to you for revisions, or a fee will be added to your final invoice if I must make additional adjustments.

      • Names as you wish for them to appear on the first line of the envelope (including honorifics, such as “Mr. & Mrs.”). 

Note: Write it as you would like to see it, all within the same column using ”&” or “and.”

      • Second line names for additional guests and children.
      • Street Address

Note: Write it as you would like to see it. I often type out words like “Street” and “Apartment” for a more formal feel, but it is not required. 

      • Apartment or Suite Number (if needed)
      • City
      • State

Note: Please write it out rather than abbreviate, i.e.- “Texas” vs. “Tx”

      • Zip Code
  • P R O O F I N G   You will receive one proof of each piece to request any minor changes, and then a final proof to review before going to print.  Please be as specific as possible when requesting changes to ensure that this process moves along expediently.  I want you to love your finished product and ask that you would value my time by helping me understand your wishes on the front end.  Thank you!
  • F I N A L   P A Y M E N T   The final payment is due in full upon receipt or mailing of your completed suite.  I truly appreciate your business!
  • W E D D I N G   D A Y   P I E C E S   Once your invitations are under way, let’s begin our conversation about all of those fun wedding day pieces… programs, menus, signage, escort cards, etc…
  • P H O T O   C R E D I T  I will include one fully assembled photo-ready suite at no charge to give to your photographer to capture as part of your wedding day gallery!  Please ensure that they receive this (I am happy to mail it to them if you wish), and that they send me any images (hello@beccamercer.com), as well as credit Oh Be Joyful Creative (@ohbejoyfulcreative) for any of my products (Stationery, Silk Ribbon, Runners, etc.) that appear in any and all stories, posts and publications.  I truly appreciate your willingness to help my small business grow! 




Photo Credit: Sami Kathryn Photography

Invitation by Oh Be Joyful Creative

Letterpress Printing: Elefant Press, Richardson, Tx